Two Futures Part II
Season 1, Episode 25
Air date May 25, 1991
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Two Futures Part I
Heat Wave

Two Futures Part II is the twenty-fifth episode in the first season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Main CharactersEdit

The main characters featured in this episode are:

Plot SynopsisEdit

Wheeler, faced with the dystopian future which he has unwittingly brought upon Earth, decides to find the other Planeteers (who now are 35 years older) and convince them to work together to save the planet.

Episode SummaryEdit

Wheeler changed history by preventing his past self from accepting the Ring of Fire, but then quickly regrets his decision after seeing the resulting future. Most of North America is flooded from global warming. If that weren't bad enough, he finds the future counterparts of his friends, who have all gone their separate ways, fighting losing battles (or very limited victories) against pollution. In Asia, Gi saves some near-extinct dolphins (but one of the few animals not yet extinct) all the while typhoons became commonplace. In Africa, Wheeler is pleased to see a lush grove of trees, remarking he and Kwame planted them, only to see the rest of the land barren and loggers trying to force Kwame off his property. In Europe, Linka puts down riots as the place is suffering a heat wave due to the ozone being destroyed, which has decimated food production. Finally in South America, Ma-ti lives as a homeless person in his village community that had been heavily over-industrialized to the point the rain forests no longer exist, using his Heart power to convince people to donate money to the homeless and hungry. All four of them remember how at one time the Planeteers were hoping to do good for the world, but due to the fact that they were missing a member, the couldn't accomplish much, and disbanded as a result. Wheeler tries to convince each of them to reform the Planeteers and use their powers to save the world, but all four of them angrily rebuke him, claiming that the destruction has gone too far to be undone & the Planeteers can never form ever again. Wheeler seeks out Gaia at Hope Island, but to his horror, Hope Island got converted to an energy-wasting Vegas-like island and dump site, courtesy of a now wealthy Greedly and Rigger, who stored toxic chemicals into Gaia's hut killing her & when wheeler provokes them by getting rich through time portal, Greedly & Rigger try to stop Wheeler through robo guards they create but wheeler manages to escape through time portal & wants to set history back the way it was. Returning to the moment in history when he had stopped himself from accepting the ring, Wheeler stops his more recent past self from stopping his original past self from taking the ring, and sets things back to the way they were. However, Dr. Blight and Hoggish Greedly attempt to use the time portal to stop the Planeteers, but Captain Planet reverses the flow to send them to a future where the Planeteers set a good example, and pollution and wars are reduced. Wheeler now sees the same aged Planeteers he saw before, only with an older version of himself.

Planeteer AlertsEdit

Captain Planet: We all wonder what effect each of us has on the future. Every person can set an example for bad – or for good.
Linka: Together, with each of us setting good examples...
Ma-Ti: ... we can save the planet!
Wheeler: And protect the future!
Captain Planet: The power is yours!

Significant Moments and FactsEdit

An aged Wheeler would be revisited in another episode where he is married to Linka and has fathered several children. However, due to what he saw in Population Bomb, he is not sure that is ideal.


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