Todd Andrews
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Powers N/A
First Appearance A Formula for Hate
Voices {{{voices}}}

Todd Andrews is a young basketball player, diagnosed with HIV. He appeared in A Formula for Hate. His voice is provided by Neil Patrick Harris.

Verminous Skumm learns about his diagnosis and playing on peoples ignorance and lack of knowledge about HIV, starts to spread lies that Todd is carrying the AIDS virus which sends the town into a blind panic and results in Todd's classmates and the townspeople turning against him, and also results in his younger brother being beaten up at school, and an angry mob destroying his mothers vegetable stand until the Planeteers drive the mob away.

Todd vanishes immediately afterwards and flees to the fishing camp way down river, but after a nightmare where his coach, girlfriend, mother, brother, and best friend all express their disappointment in him, he tries to return to his school, only to find his boat is gone, leaving him stranded. However he is rescued by Captain Planet who brings him to the basketball game, and along with Todd's coach, tells the people the facts about HIV/AIDS, and the people cheer their support for Todd. Skumm and one of his henchmen, who were in the crowd, tried to flee the scene, but were stopped by Captain Planet and subsequently arrested.

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