The Conqueror
Season 1, Episode 06
Air date October 20, 1990
Written by Doug Molitor
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The Conqueror is the sixth episode in the first season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Main CharactersEdit

The main characters featured in this episode are:

Plot SynopsisEdit

After failing to stop a forest fire on a small island, Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, and Gi feel like their powers were just not strong enough to handle even minor eco-emergencies, but Ma-Ti disagrees. They then come across a mysterious meteorite, which turns out to be the ship of Zarm, the former Spirit of Earth. After tempting the Planeteers (minus Ma-Ti) with gauntlets that increase their elemental powers many fold, they slowly become destructive. Ma-Ti retreats and informs Gaia, who is shocked upon finding out Zarm is on Earth, and that he's now the Spirit of Destruction. Gaia, now mortal, and Ma-Ti have to free the other Planeteers from their corruption.

Episode SummaryEdit

None yet.

Planeteer AlertsEdit

Captain Planet: It isn't just grown-ups who help destroy our planet.
Wheeler: Some kids do it with graffiti.
Gi: Some kids do it with vandalism.
Linka: And some do it when they don't stop to think.
Gaia: (showing the same landscape twice – first flourishing and beautiful, then destroyed) Earth can be like this – or like this.
Kwame: We can destroy it with our hate...
Ma-Ti: Or save it with our love.
Captain Planet: The power is yours!

Significant Moments and FactsEdit

  • Zarm appears for the first time.
  • Ma-Ti finding Zarm's heart empty can be seen as the foreshadowing of the revelation from Summit to Save Earth Part II.
  • Gaia is turned mortal for the first time.
  • Because Ma-Ti didn't accept the "Hearts of Conquest" Iron Fist, the five powers of conquest weren't combined to summon a possible "Captain Conquest" (another evil counterpart of Captain Planet).

Glitches Edit

  • Despite staying behind on the island and sticking on Gaia's side, Ma-Ti is erroneously shown as if he accepted Zarm's offer. For reference, see the pictures.
    1. Ma-Ti's silhouette can be seen between Kwame and Wheeler.
    2. The top of Ma-Ti's head is visible in the back of the geo-cruiser.
    3. Ma-Ti looks as if he wore an Iron Fist.
  • When Gi removes her Iron Fist, her ring can be seen still on her finger.


  • Wheeler: Is this an invasion? Like in the movies?
    Zarm: (with a laugh) No. I cannot even venture into your environment. But you may step into mine.
    Ma-Ti: We really should ask Gaia first. She is the Spirit of our planet.
    Zarm: What a meek spirit she must be – to have such (his eyes start glowing red) timid followers.
    Wheeler: Gaia is not meek! And neither are we. (to other Planeteers) Right?
  • Ma-Ti: (to himself) I do not trust him. Zarm's heart is so... empty.
  • Zarm: (showing the Iron Fists) I have chosen you, Planeteers to wear these. They will increase your power of the elements a hundred fold.
    Wheeler: I'll have a hundred times the scorch power?
    Zarm: What of you, Ma-Ti? You can control the hearts of the world with this.
    Ma-Ti: Gaia gave us all the power we need, Wheeler. We should not do anything until we talk to her.
    Wheeler: Come on, Ma-Ti. I'm sure Gaia would O.K. What's wrong with having more power?
    Linka: As Zarm said, we could have stopped that fire ourselves.
    Wheeler: My hand won't go in!
    Zarm: I think you need to remove your ring.
    Wheeler: But Gaia gave us these rings!
    Zarm: Well... (his eyes start glowing red) if you're afraid...
    Wheeler: I am not afraid! (takes off his ring and puts it in his pocket)
    Linka: I am not so sure you should do that, Wheeler.
    Wheeler: Hey, we're Planeteers! We can take care of ourselves!
  • Ma-Ti: (about the other Planeteers) After Zarm gave them the Iron Fists, they started arguing with each other.
    Gaia: Did you say “Zarm”?
    Zarm: That's right... Gaia. It's been ages since we've seen each other.
    Gaia: Yes, it has been ages, Zarm; but not nearly long enough.
  • Gaia, being on the island, watches Linka destroy the missile base with the Wind of Conquest.
    Linka: (laughing) My power really blows them away!
    Gaia: (with a pained expression on her face) Linka, no! (falls to her knees)
    Ma-Ti: Gaia, what is wrong? What is happening to you?
    Gaia: The Planeteers must not abandon their way of peace. If they do, I will become mortal, and the Earth itself could die.
  • Ma-Ti: Oh, no, Gaia! You are mortal!
    Gaia: Believe me, I feel mortal. Now I must get to the missile base.
    Ma-Ti: You cannot go there now! Your life would be in danger!
    Gaia: I know. But peace requires a brave heart.
  • Wheeler: Fires of Con...
    Linka: Wheeler! STOP! Gaia and Ma-Ti are standing in the way! And Gaia looks solid, like us! She looks... human.
    Gi: (looking through binoculars) Linka's right!
    Wheeler: (horrified) I could've fried her!
  • Zarm: Gaia, you meddler! I will show you what it means to be mortal!
    Zarm pushes a button causing a laser-like power hit the missile silos' remains close to Gaia and Ma-Ti.
    Gaia: (in fear) Planeteers!
    Ma-Ti successfully escapes, but Gaia falls to the ground, letting go of Zarm's crystal ball and apparently getting crushed by the collapsing rubble.
    Gi: Gaia!
    Kwame lifts Gaia, while Wheeler and Linka work on freeing her leg trapped in the debris.
    Gaia: (weakly) You see what can happen when destruction is your method?
    Linka: It is true! You are not a spirit – you are bleeding!
  • Back on Hope Island.
    Gaia: To save the planet, we need to work together – and share.
    Wheeler: Sure, Gaia. We get the hint. (to the audience) Your turn.
    Captain Planet: (offscreen) The power is yours!


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