The space ark is a gigantic space ship known for its massive menagerie of many to thousands of animals most of which died out and fell into extinction. Although a small percent mainly the Bengal tiger is not yet extinct

Animals on exhibitEdit

  1. Bengal tigers
  2. Sabre-Tooth Tigers
  3. A Giant Lizards
  4. Anderes
  5. Three headed multicolored monstrous dragonflies
  6. Intergalactic caterpillar-like creatures
  7. Walking sheep-like shrub
  8. Beige Raccoon-like creature
  9. Mammoths
  10. Mastodons
  11. Wooly rhinoceros
  12. Giant Ground sloths
  13. Great auks
  14. Elephant birds
  15. Passenger pigeons
  16. Dodo birds
  17. Quaggas
  18. Bluebucks
  19. Irish elk
  20. Steller's sea cow
  21. Antelopes
  22. Gazelles
  23. Lions
  24. Giraffes
  25. Lions
  26. Hippopotamus
  27. Gorillas
  28. Blue whales
  29. Humans( briefly

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  1. The mastodons, as said and featured, are actually are platybelodons.

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