Gorillas Will Be Missed
Season 4, Episode 13
Air date February 5, 1994
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Gorillas Will Be Missed is the thirteenth episode in the fourth season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Main CharactersEdit

The main characters featured in this episode are:

Plot SynopsisEdit

In the distant future of 2197 Africa, Goki, a young African boy, is given a special VR visor by a mysterious woman named Creole. Putting it on at home, he finds himself in Africa, two centuries into the past. Goki finds himself in a struggle between the Planeteers and Looten Plunder, who plots to destroy much of Africa's jungle to kill off the gorillas for their hands and furs.

Episode SummaryEdit

The episode begins in 22nd-century Africa, in a bleak and barren city choked with pests and pollution. A young boy, Goki, plays a virtual reality game, but is interrupted by his younger sister Laura, who wants to play with him and her stuffed toy gorilla, Kong. Goki is dismissive of his sister's requests, revealing that gorillas have become extinct by his time. He decides to take a walk, encountering a mysterious woman who hounds him wherever he goes. The woman introduces herself as Creole and offers Goki a virtual reality visor, inviting him on "the adventure of a lifetime". Goki accepts, believing it to be a game. Creole tells Goki the adventure is named "Legend of the Gorillas" and warns Goki that he "cannot succeed alone".

Putting on the visor, Goki is immersed in the Planeteers' time, where he encounters Kwame and Wheeler as they rescue a baby gorilla. Goki is surprised to see real gorillas, including a dead adult whose hands have been cut off by poachers. The two Planeteers are annoyed by Goki's lackadaisical attitude, as he believes he is in a game and doesn't take the threat of poachers seriously.

Meanwhile, Linka, Ma-Ti and Gi attempt to reason with Africans hired by Looten Plunder, pleading with them to stop clearing their own rainforests. The Planeteers explain that clearing the forest and farming them would render them dead in a matter of years, and ruin the wildlife and their heritage. Plunder responds that farming would give the Africans jobs so they can feed their children, and orders the Africans to run the Planeteers down. The three are quickly surrounded by the bulldozers and machinery, then captured and brought to a shock. To their horror, Plunder reveals that his group has been killing off gorillas they encounter, cutting off their paws to sell as souvenir ashtrays.

After being chased by a bull and caught in a trap, Goki ends up rescued by Kwame and Wheeler, but ends up irritating them as a result of his belief that he's simply playing a game. Separating from the two, Goki realizes that he's not living a virtual experience through the visor and can't turn it off. Creole appears, reminding him that he "cannot succeed alone"; despite his complaints, she vanishes. Reluctantly, Goki decides to follow the Planeteers and manages to save Kwame from being run over by Plunder and Bleak. The three boys have an open chat, where Goki explains that he is from the 22nd century, and the Planeteers inform him that he's been sent back two centuries in time. Goki shows them his visor, which gives Kwame and Wheeler a view of Goki's ruined future. The Planeteers decide that they must regroup, leaving the baby gorilla in Goki's care.

Gathering the hired Africans, Plunder orders them to burn the forest down to clear it faster before leaving to retrieve more gorilla paws. Kwame, Wheeler and Goki convince the Africans to stop by showing them visions through Goki's visor, and the workers have a change of heart, telling them where their friends are being held. Angered at the African's refusal, Plunder proceeds to burn the forest himself. Once Kwame and Wheeler rescue the other Planeteers, they summon Captain Planet who puts out the forest fire. The villains end up chased by a gorilla, to whom Goki returns the baby (which he has named "Kong" after his sister's toy).

Goki realizes that his earlier preconceptions about gorillas and the Planeteers were wrong, and expresses his disappointment at having to return to his ruined future, having to leave the beautiful African forest and his new friends behind. Kwame promises to remember Goki as he puts the visor back on, and the Planeteers bid him farewell. Back in his own time, Goki is called by Laura, asking him to bring her to the forest and visit the gorillas; Goki realizes that his actions in the past have changed his time for the better as his city is a modernized metropolis existing in harmony with nature. Placing the visor on the table, he finds an Earth Planeteer ring; realizing what it is, he slips it on his finger and leaves with his sister to visit the gorillas. A final vision in the visor reveals Creole to be none other than the mother of Earth herself Gaia, welcoming the new Planeteer back to his own time.

Planeteer AlertsEdit

Car radiator fluid can be fatal to animals if they lick it or drink it, however animals like the taste of radiator fluid, so never leave a spill in a puddle drain into a driveway or gutter.

Significant Moments and FactsEdit

  • Goki is the future Planeteer; presumably with the power of Earth based on the color of the ring that Gaia gives to him.  
  • Its unknown who of the other 4 will be the next set of planeteers and to receive the next 4 Elemental power rings of the future 


  • Goki: The Creole knew.


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